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Sweet Caroline
Birthday Greetings

Cards given to me for my 21st birthday!!

This one is from my friend, Leslie, who knows what a big Tams fan I am!!

Going to California to be on Soap Talk with Tams:  $500.00


Having fight with Tams causing housekeeping services to come:  $200.00


Hanging out with Tams on 21st birthday:  Priceless



This one is from Laura.



This Poem is from my 18 year old brother.
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear Kristin!
Happy birthday to you!
You're growin old!
It's your 21st year!
And I am so excited!
Cause now you can buy me some beer!

LOL, just kiddin. Sorry I didn't get you a present, I'll have
to give you an I.O.U.  Money's a little tight for me
right now.  Oh well, happy birthday!

Love always from your #1 brother!

This one is from my uncle Richard.


Otis Campbell sez it's time to celebrate yore burfday, and since Otis is the man in Mayberry who really knows how to celebrate those important days like National Potato Day, and Grate American Citizens Day and those SPESHUL BURFDAYS, i figger he noze whut hee's talkin bout so we gonna celebrate in we goona celebrate mayberry stile and kick up our heels a little bit. Aint Bee's bringin the Fried Chicken and her wunderful Dill Pickles and Entertainment will be provided by the DARLIN FAMILY along with Ernest T. on the GAS CAN adn GOOBER sed he wuz gonna do his very best celebrity impursinashuns cause he knows how you like him to do his Carye Grant impersunashun.....'Judyjudyjudy!' So frum all of usens in Mayberry......HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!